2 x 4 Mighty Mini Board

Clover #7800, List Price: $46.95

I can’t imagine pressing my bag designs without this board! Compact and handy for when a big board won’t do. Features rectangular nose, long free-arm, sturdy metal base. Ideal for pressing small projects or details on large projects. Heavy duty cotton cover with pad, drawstring cord and hook/loop closures for secure fit. Folds flat for easy storage. A little longer than two average irons: 21in long x 3 1/2in wide x 4in tall. Replacement cover is item 7801

To clean the cover: The cover for the 2 x 4 Mighty Mini Board can be hand washed for regular cleaning. Return the cover to the board while still damp so it dries to the shape of the board. When necessary, a replacement cover and pad is available.

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