Quilting Services


Creations SewClever has 3 long-arm quilting machines, and we finish an amazing number of quilts every month! Several of the gals on our staff operate the quilting machines, as well as work on the sales floor. Because our staff works in all departments, everyone is not only capable of assisting you in any area of our quilt shop, but our machine quilters understand what it has taken for the quilter to make the top we are to quilt.                                                                                                                             We take great pride in our work, and we do our very best to compliment your pieced or appliqued top with our quilting. We work with each customer to acheive the finished look they desire at a price they can afford. 
If you send or bring your quilt top to us, we ask that it be cleaned of all thread tails and neatly pressed.We carry Hobbs batting, as well as Warm & Natural and Quilter's Dream. If you ship us your quilt we can provide batting to your specifications if you wish. If you send us your batting we reserve the right to refuse unsuitable batting. We do not machine quilt over Mountain Mist batting. We do not machine quilt over backing that was meant to be a bed sheet. You may send us your backing (it must be pieced if necessary, and pressed, and at least 3" larger than the quilt top on all sides), or we can provide backing for you. Our suggestion is for a "pretty" quilt backing that compliments your top. You have much time and expense invested in your quilt and if it has a beautiful backing it becomes reversible. We carry quite a few bolts of 'wide-back' fabric, but if the colors or styles do not suit your taste, we love to back our quilts with the same quality fabrics that are in the quilt top. We alsew love to machine quilt using fleece as the quilt backing, with no batting. This makes a particularly snuggly quilt when the top is made with flannels!
We'll be happy to bind your quilt for you, if you'd like. Or we will send it back for you to bind it yourself. We can alsew sew the binding on the front of the quilt and send it back for you to trim and turn to hand-finish. We will do our very best to accommodate your needs and requests. We return all excess fabrics and batting to you with your finished quilt.

Feel free to call or e-mail us for a price sheet.

Another area that we've been drawn into more and more is that of custom quilt making.  If you can't find the style/size/color/look that you have in mind, if you want a t-shirt quilt or a memory quilt made, we're the place!  Stop by and have a chat with us, or email or call for more information. Our number one goal is to make our customers smile!


These are just a few examples of our quilting.  We always try to make the quilting compliment the pattern and fabric.  The possibilities are positively endless!