FW Gas Pedal Adapter & Seam Ripper/Stiletto Tool Combo -- FREE SHIPPING

FREE SHIPPING!!  Purchase these two items together and we'll waive the shipping fee!!

Wooden Featherweight Gas Pedal Adapter

These wonderful 'gas pedal pushers' for our Featherweight Friends (and anyone else who has an antique machine with this style foot pedal) is especially great for those with arthritis or neuropathy. Holes are drilled to hold foot pedal pads, nonslip grips on bottom, fold top across foot pedal and use your entire foot to depress your 'gas pedal'. Made from beautifully stained and finished hardwood


Wooden Seam Ripper / Stiletto Tool

This beautifully made tool alsew makes a lovely gift!  Each end is hidden inside the handle while not in use, keeping the points sharp for work and safe for storage!  

The handle of this seam ripper / stiletto tool is made of authentic olive wood from Bethlehem in Israel (certificate of authenticity included).  The wood comes from the pruning of young trees, sprouts from the trunks of mature trees, and unproductive trees that no longer bear fruit.  Each one is unique! 

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